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  • growing up bengal kitty Aeni Bengal*Pl
    growing up bengal kitty
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My name is Maria.

In my Home there were always animals, boxer Cora, and ferret Pipi. In one summer afternoon, my husband brought home a cat. He received this cat from his friend who could not care of it any longer. And so the first cat (named Milus) arrived to us. Since my childhood, I love cats and my joy was immense. I also decided to find a companion for Milus. Looking for a friend for it, I saw and fell in love with lovely Felicie Bengal Cat. After two months Felicie was with us.

Our lives revolve around little kittens.

Our lives revolve around little kittens. Our cats are part of our house and life. At their disposal is the whole house and all our love to them - not less than two our children. Only we are able to notice their different characters and to recognize what a meow expects from us, For us there is nothing more beautiful than to observe and monitor how a tiny kitten grows...

We are located in middle Europe, in Poland. We are members of FIFe - Felis Polonia.